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Business Fundamentals

Setting a Foundation for Success


You’re finally taking the first step.

You’re finally doing it! You’re taking the big first step and starting your business. 

But there’s a problem.

You’re an expert in your field… but what about everything else?

It takes a lot of expertise to run a business. You’ve gotta know:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • And so much more…

But you have grit. 

You’re determined to make this work. So, maybe you’re trying to figure it all out on your own.

Unfortunately, when new business owners spread themselves too thin in the beginning, they often find themselves experiencing burnout, frustration and a LOT of anxiety

That’s not what you signed up for, is it?

Learn From Us!

You need a playbook for your business launch

We all built our businesses on a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. (We won’t get into the blood part… but we promise no one was harmed in the making of our businesses.)

The good news is… you can pick up where we left off.

No blood.

Less sweat.

Only happy tears.

How'd we do it?

That’s why we’re launching Business Fundamentals

It’s an online training program for entrepreneurs who want to launch their businesses without spinning their wheels.

We brought together 8 female entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses from scratch. 

They all have experience helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses in what we believe are the 8 core functions of business.

  • Branding
  • Marketing + Sales
  • Accounting + Finance
  • Relationship Building
  • Digital Presence
  • Habit + Mindset
  • Legal
  • Operations

Our Specialties

Let our experiences with starting a business help you.


Marketing + Sales

Accounting + Finance

Relationship Building

Digital Presence

Habit + Mindset



Our team of

Entrepreneurial experts

We’ve assembled a team of business experts with an expertise in 8 different business functions.

Carolyn Byrd

Habit + Mindset

Carolyn Byrd is a Habit and Health Coach, Author, Bodywork Therapist, Speaker, and Owner of Cary Integrative Health, a health care collaborative of like-minded practitioners. She is a life-long learner on a quest to bring awareness and relief to mental, emotional, and physical pain patterns and normalize the human experience.


Carolyn speaks on topics of the importance of self-care, embracing authenticity, boundaries, and failure. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors with her husband and daughter, finding herself on a horse, baking GF/DF goodies, or with her nose in a book.



Elizabeth Skibbe

Accounting + Finance

Elizabeth Skibbe is the founder and president of Acorn Accounting, providing accounting and financial consulting services to small to medium businesses with a focus on data driven growth decisions.  With a B.S. from Purdue and an MBA with concentration in Accounting from Santa Clara University, she’s taken her experience working in publicly traded Silicon Valley company to apply it in a way that benefits small business owners.  When she’s not frolicking in Excel spreadsheets, Elizabeth can be found volunteering with local non-profits or discovering zen on a yoga mat.

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Jenny Midgley

Branding + Content

Kristin Frade

Relationship Building

Kristin has been teaching, training, and mentoring people for over a decade and built a business that landed her in the top 1% of her company. She is an expert in customizing communication and seeing people as individuals contributing to the betterment of the whole. Her coaching clients are high-performing, deeply committed individuals that come to her to find clarity in where they are and where they want to be, and then receive Kristin’s actionable items and accountability to get them there...faster. Kristin has a gift for seeing things that her clients don’t see for themselves and illuminating blind spots. Her life’s mission is to impact the masses, even if it’s one person at a time.






Sam Baker

Marketing + Sales

Sam Baker is the owner of Sam Baker Consulting, which provides small to medium-sized businesses with the strategic guidance they need to build a sales pipeline that works on autopilot. Sam has more than 10 years of experience helping companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Fidelity, Under Armor and Intercontinental Hotel Group develop and optimize their digital strategies. Now, she uses her experience to help business owners understand their data so that they can develop their own revenue-driving marketing strategies.




Shannon Matthews

Digital Presence + Visibility

Shannon Matthews is able to sum up the heart of both her work and mission in one message that she hopes women entrepreneurs will take to heart: Good quality branding gives you the confidence and strength from which to grow your dream. 

She ought to know, because she’s walked in their shoes. When Shannon decided to pursue her own dream of business ownership in 2013, she was a single mother of 2, working full time while completing her design degree. So, she’s no stranger to the stress of juggling responsibilities and late nights. As a business owner, she’s also had the blessing of being able to attract her ideal clients, and to experience the joy of seeing them blossom through their work together. 

Now her path includes coaching, inspiring and encouraging women to believe in the possibility of building their business, their way—and to have the courage to view failure as a bruise, not a tattoo.


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Sylvia Inks

Systems + Operations

Sylvia Inks is a business coach, finance expert, and speaker who teaches small business owners how to grow profitable businesses by focusing on systems, cash flow, and building multiple income streams.    

Sylvia is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur – Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business.”  Sylvia has been a guest on podcasts like Side Hustle Nation, Influencers Radio, His & Her Money, The Military Money Show, Paychecks and Balances, and Couple Money. 


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Venus Liles


Venus Liles is the Founder and Managing Attorney of Liles Law – a boutique law firm providing flat rate pricing and strategic advising to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses while protecting themselves and their sanity. After graduating from Duke Law School, Venus has spent the last decade providing legal services to companies of all sizes, from first-time solopreneurs to SAS Institute Inc., a billion-dollar, global software company, where she also serves as legal counsel. Venus is an entrepreneur herself: in addition to her own legal practice, Venus has written a children’s book (Luna Stays Home), created a local popup series (DanceHer), and founded a technology startup (qcard). Venus serves as a mentor with the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic and is one of the youngest members of xElle Ventures, an early-stage angel network that supports female founders. 

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No worries

No blood. Less sweat. Happy tears.

Are you ready to launch your business the smart way? We’ve launched Business Fundamentals to help you succeed!


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